Friday, February 17, 2012

In another life...

Well friends, it's that special time of the year where I unload a few hilarious pictures we've taken on the iPad onto my blog for your viewing pleasure.  These were all taken with the "Oldbooth" app.  I decided to include an attractive picture of each person (except Josh and Buddy, who you are probably familiar with at this point) so that you can grasp the full hilarity of these as well.  So!  Without further adieu... we shall start with my Love.


Kenny & Nicole

Elnur and Josh.  Elnur & the iPad.

David and Kate

Lindsay & Damien

Brian & Kyrie.

Rob & Kate


aaaand of course, Buddy

This one definitely gets the "I actually laughed as I wrote this" label.  I think the biggest takeaway we can all learn from these picture is that yes, the way you style your hair matters immensely. Hahaha I hope you enjoyed it!