Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A liiiiittle Soap Box.

Singing reality shows really irritate me.  Every season, what appears to be an untalented "ugly" person comes out on stage.  The judges are, of course, skeptical of this persons worth.  The crowd has already categorized them into the blooper reel category as they exchange skeptical looks that say, "Who does this guy think he is?" and "Well, this should be good".  Everyone is on the edge of their seats; waiting for what is sure to be the moment of disaster for this person's confidence and self worth.  They're all practically drooling as the exposure of his imminent failure arrives... 

....until it doesn't! What's this? He's got an amazing voice!  How could this be?  An "ugly" person with talent?!  Shocking! We... we love him!  We love him so much we're going to stand and cheer and cry!  He.... he's going to win! How wrong we were! Our hero! Bring him a crown! What a huge surprise!  I'm so inspired!

and Simon takes this wrongfully judged person's talent all the way to the bank.

and we all get a touching little lesson on not judging people. 

Until next year.

When the entire scene plays out again.

As much as I enjoy watching people overcome and beat the odds that have been stacked highly against them, I will never support shows that promote this sort of cruel judgement of others.  Because more often than not, the person being judged who may not be all that talented is simply being exploited for money and ratings.  There they are - chasing a dream - only to be embarrassed on national television and youtube forevermore.  While the rest of the world sits back and feels reassured that, hey, we might not be all that special, but at least we aren't as bad as that guy.



  1. Ya i kind of feel the same way. I don't watch those shows anymore and don't miss them.

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  2. that's why I LOVE the voice. I have never been one for singing shows but I love that the only way to make your way onto the show is by a blind judging where they judge soley on your voice. ;)

    did you watch "The Prayer" video from Britain's got talent? I saw that on someone's facebook today

  3. This is one of many reasons why I hate and don't watch these shows. Well said, my friend.

  4. Totally. Agree. 100 percent.

    I never watch those shows!

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