Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Delicious Autumn!"

The woods have been blessing us immeasurably.  Nearly every day I load Piper into her stroller and we explore.  We look for animals, listen for geese, and wave leaves back and forth like tiny flags, declaring our allegiance to the beauty of Fall.

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Sometimes we go alone, but sometimes we meet up with Grandpa Ed and go with him! :)

Today as we walked, I felt like the scales have tipped, albeit only the slightest bit: There are now more leaves on the ground than in the air. Our first autumn as a family of three is coming to a close...

In our efforts to seize the season, we've been taking full advantage of the boats that are docked here. They were taken out of the water to be winterized this past weekend, but we snuck in one last pontoon ride on Friday.  The air was chilly but we bundled up and kept each other warm.

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...and, of course, we've spent our fair share of time outside wading through the leaves in our yard. Some of us have spent more time trying to eat the leaves than others, and some of us have had to surrender to the leaf-tasting and stop trying to interfere with the exploration of senses... (I'll let you guess who is who.) ;)

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." -Ann of Green Gables

Photo Credit: Emily Patterson
As am I! As am I.

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  1. Oh i love this post and all your beautiful pictures of fall! You have a beautiful little girl!