Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quiet Days.

There is something about the onset of winter that has guided my natural extroverted tendencies inward. I have been finding joy in quiet days, peace in staying home, and rest in solitude.  These days have been filled with celebrations, family time, reading, and maybe a little HGTV and America's Next Top Model. ;)  I am finding a healthy balance to my spiritual life and my physical life, and I feel at peace with where I am.  Finally.

As I said, there have been reasons to celebrate… Piper turned 1 in November!  I can hardly believe it, but what parent can?  As I was putting her to bed on the eve of her birthday, I nearly brought myself to tears thinking of time moving forward and how cruel and joyful that can be all at the same time.  It was one of those moments that I could almost feel the earth spinning, forcing me into a new year of Piper's life; never to revisit her baby-months ever again.  She would never again be less than one year old, and the finality of that precious time in her life weighed heavily on my heart in that moment.  Did I do everything that is 'supposed' to be done before a baby turns 1?  Did I hold her enough?  Did I soak it up, or wish moments away?  I feel confident that I relished her first year as much as I possibly could, but now that it's over and forever only a memory, I can't help but wonder.

Anyhow, here is a picture of our little lady on her big day. We celebrated at the Inn. Tutu and all!

With Grandpa Ed!

This was her first taste of sugar and I must say, she was pretty unimpressed by it!  (Thankfully!)  She had more fun feeding it to mommy and daddy, I think. ;)

A couple of weeks later, Grandma and Grandpap came to visit.

Christmas tree hunting and decorating.  You'll notice that there are bulbs on the bottom half of the tree in the picture on the right.  Those lasted less than a day, haha.  Our tree is a little top heavy with bulbs only north of the 'equator' but it is (mostly) toddler-proofed!

We've spent a small bit of time outside playing in the snow!  Not as much as we probably should, but it's technically still Fall so I feel like we've got some time, yeah? No one ever told me how difficult it is dressing a toddler for  snowy weather.  It is crazyhard and stresses me out every time we leave the house, ha.  Practice makes perfect and she is getting better at understanding the steps as well.  Still… mittens?  SO HARD TO PUT ON A BABY.

and lastly, we're making lots of fun memories inside as well.  I was in the kitchen yesterday and turned around to find her like this.  Obviously the oven wasn't on, nor did I encourage the behavior, but it was quite creative of her and she enjoyed just sitting there for a few minutes.



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