Friday, February 14, 2014


We finally decided to share our super-amazing-shockingly-overwhelming-incredible news this week :)


Pretty Piper pointing to her siblings. She has no idea what's coming, but I'm already praying God's grace will be sufficient for her as she transitions to the big sister of TWO role.

As of today, I am officially 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I am feeling pretty well overall, and am thrilled to be out of the "dark days" of the first trimester. I am due August 19, but will be ready for the possibility of their early arrival!

Honestly, I'm really excited to share some blog posts I've written over the last few weeks as I've processed this huge life change.  I'll be adding more to the blog soon!

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  1. So exciting!!! Every time I think of you having twins just makes my heart happy! Its double special that you and Brian share a twin journey and now another generation gets to share too!