Sunday, May 18, 2014


It's already been a week since Josh and I bought our second home together in my hometown.  It was quite an overwhelming and stressful process at times, of course, but we are finally here.  Setttling in.  Unpacking.  Putting down roots.  and it feels so good.

Oddly enough, today is the two year anniversary of the day we boarded a plane and transplanted our life to Central Asia.  It is wild to think of how quickly those two years have gone, and how many unexpected life changes have occurred.  I suppose the reason I'm writing this, though, is because it's been so deliciously amazing to buy a house and settle in.  We've been uprooted since this day two years ago.  Not only that, but we've been "in transition" for a long time before that.  Prior to moving overseas, we lived in a small one bedroom apartment as we waited for our fundraising to be fulfilled, and prior to that we sold our home to prepare for the small apartment.  I hadn't really taken the time to reflect on how transitional our lives have been for the last three years, and how stressful that can be... not knowing where, when, or for how long you're going to live somewhere.

I suppose that's why it feels like my soul has released a deep, long sigh of relief this week.  We have a home.  We can actually unpack all of our belongings that are in storage.  We have a plan.  We know our address. We don't have to change it again for a long time.  We chose this home, and it suits us perfectly.  We are here.  We're putting down roots, and we're ready to grow.

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