Monday, September 1, 2014

The First Month.

We've survived the first month with twins! Hooray!  

It is wild to think that Ruby and Nora have been here for over a month. I am so deeply thankful to be their momma, and I can honestly say after a month that we are finding our new normal and truly figuring out life as a family of five.  These first weeks have been both amazing and challenging.  I don't know that we would be doing nearly as well as we are if it wasn't for the consistent help of our 'village'.  Since the very first day, we have been showered with tangible love in the form of meals, coffee, encouraging texts, playdates for Piper, and extra hands to hold babies.  We are so thankful for the 'village' that is helping us to raise our family.

If I'm being completely honest, part of me wonders if the 'hard' part hasn't arrived yet.  For the most part, the twins sleep most of the day away. They are awake for a total of only a few hours every day, but those few hours can get a little hectic and overwhelming reeeeeal quick. Once they are mobile I think I will look back on these days and miss them tremendously! 

Nights are the hardest.  For a few weeks the most sleep I had gotten at a time was no more than 3 hours.  I function fairly well on very little sleep, but after a while it caught up with me and lead to some very miserable midnight feedings. Josh and I have learned to try to keep talking to a minimum during those times. It's easy to misplace our frustration with a baby that won't fall asleep and place it on each other, so it's best for us to keep words few ;)

Last week, though, was full of "wins".  We...

-went to the zoo
-went to my parent's cottage
-I went on several walks with all three girls all by myself
-I went to a restaurant with my mom and all three girls
-Had our first date night

Of course, these are simple things, but huge at this point in our life.  I was worried that I would be stuck at home for months after the twins arrived - too overwhelmed and scared to venture out on my own.  I am thankful that it simply hasn't been the case!

It's hard to look at a picture like this ^^^ and imagine that both of them were inside me.  No wonder I was so tired! No wonder I was so miserable! I grew two humans and that was no easy task.  As hard as certain moments have been with the girls since they've been born, I often say, "BUT at least I'm not pregnant!".  I am just so relieved to have my energy back... to have my LIFE back.  I can chase Piper again, go for walks, dance in the living room with my family, carry Piper around the house, bend over to buckle my sandals, and fit into my old clothes.  It feels like I have woken up from some massive slumber or hibernation.  I sense in me an eagerness to live life and embrace summer, and am consistently having to come to terms with the fact that summer is pretty much over! I missed it!  Still, it's great to be "back in the land of the living" as I have referred to it.

I find myself staring at them, as most moms do, and wondering to myself, "How did I not know you before now? How is it possible that you didn't exist a year ago?".  Life is such a miracle - so extraordinary - and it's never more evident than in the presence of newborns. 

{All photos were taken by Shannon of Inspired Photography}


  1. They are so sweet! I seriously cannot wait to watch them grow up and it wasn't until I read it in here that I realized you are indeed a family of 5 :) My math skills could have deduced that fact but seeing it in writing, a family of 5. So very different then a family of 3.

  2. A month already!! I'm so glad you're doing so well...and your "wins" were seriously incredible!! I'm so proud of you guys. It's no easy task being a parent, and I have always admired the thought you put into taking time just to adore everything. I'm so excited to be joining your "family of five" group soon! Love you!!

  3. I love your twin (& family) story so much. Seriously, you guys are doing it so right!

  4. Love this Leslie! You are a truly beautiful mama inside and out!! I want to wrap my arms around those little girls soon!