Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Into the woods.

We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania making memories with the McCracken side of our family!

Piper did great sleeping in the tent with her Daddy and Pappy!

"Aunt Joo-wee"

After 7 years, it's really fun to look at your husband and think, "I love the way he looks right now" and snap a picture to keep forever.

These two. Best buds.

Rubyyy in that black bucket had me like HEART EYES HEART EYES HEART EYES. 

The twins did as well as could be expected of two 1 year old babies in the middle of the woods. We all spent most of the time chasing them and redirecting them and generally saving their lives, but they loved it and everyone else had fun getting to spend time with our girls in person rather than through pictures online! I would call the weekend an immense effort for our entire family, Grammy and Pappy and Aunt Julie and Uncle Josh included, but absolutely worth the priceless memories that were made!

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