Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Ruby and Nora!

On July 30th, the twins turned one! It was a day filled with joy and fun because going from this: 

To this:

Was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be and deserved to be thoroughly celebrated!

Now, I will be the first to admit, the turning of the calendar didn't really present a lot of changes to our daily routines, but it felt like a milestone nonetheless. and I guess I just want to be the kind of person who celebrates the heck out of milestones!

^^^Grammy and Pappy came up to help us celebrate! 

Aunt Ninny was there, of course :)

Ok who am I kidding I spent the entire day calling it the McCracken Family Holiday. I called my mom the day before and asked, "Is it weird I want to get myself a gift? I mean I feel like if anyone deserves a gift on their birthday this year it's me."

Which is why I'm wearing a new shirt in all of these pictures. HA! 

 Sorry babies. It'll be just your birthday next year. and every year after that.

Nora and Ruby's birthday cakes were their first tastes of sweets apart from raspberries and strawberries. We were all excited to see how they would respond...

Needless to say, the crowd was satisfied with their enjoyment of the cake ;-)

I have so many treasured pictures from the day, but this next shot is one of my favorites. We were surrounded by the people who have really held us up the last year. With coffee, babysitting, playdates, texts, food, friendship and love. We are so blessed by the amazing people in our lives, and I am grateful so many were able to come and enjoy this day with us!

and at the end of that day - at the end of every day - is the love between Josh and I. Loving each other well is the best gift we can ever give them.

Ruby-doo and Nora-belle, we quite simply adore you. You are treasured parts of our family. Finding out we were having twins was such a surprise to us, but our shock almost seems silly in hindsight. Of course you were both in there.  Both of you were always meant to be here. I cannot imagine one of you without the other, or our family in any other way. You belong here, you belong with us. I am so glad I am your MAH MAH. 

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  1. Love all these photos! Especially the water break after annihilating their cakes :)