Sunday, October 4, 2015

Remember This Moment: Family Photos Summer 2015

In August, my entire family was together for the first time in nearly a year! It was such a sweet few days that went by entirely too quickly. We decided to have some family pictures taken, and I can't help but finally share many of them here on the blog. Our photographer for the day was Shannon Gallagher of Inspired Photographics, and she did an amazing job capturing ALL of us. (It was no easy feat!)

^My dad and his children and grandchildren.

^^^Papa Ed and his girlies

^^Grandma Deb!

^^Even Ruby recognizes a fine beard when she sees one ;-) 

^^^Truthfully, this is my favorite picture from the whole day!

^^^They gave me grief for what seemed like a silly idea for a pose and it got all of our pants dirty but LOOK AT THIS PICTURE IT IS AMAZING. 

^File this one away in the "reasons to have a lot of children" file.

^Totally candid shot. Had no idea we were being photographed ;-)

^Piper and Grandpa Greg have such a sweet little relationship. She was done with pictures before they started so once we exhausted all of our bribing capabilities, these two snuck away to play in the Blue Car.

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