Friday, October 30, 2015

The Many Adventures of Nora Verlee

Nora climbing on a toy.

Nora climbing on a table.

Nora wearing goggles.

Nora scaling a baby gate

Nora scaling another baby gate

Nora playing on snapchat.

Nora climbing the couch/window sill.

Nora climbing in a desk drawer.

Nora climbing on Mommy's leg.

Nora giving daddy an ugga mugga.

Nora climbing on the chair to see the "Sea Urchins".

Nora on another table.

Nora seesawing

Nora looking adorable in a crown.

Nora hanging out under a chair.

My bright, boisterous, beautiful Nora!  She has a thirst for climbing, dancing, exploring, and most of all for her sisters. Most days, I can be heard at least once exclaiming in a southern baptist preacher voice while I wrangle her from some unknown threat, "My Nora Verlee! Her spirit cannot BE CONTAINED!" because quite simply, it cannot. and so help me if someone ever tries to ;-) 

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