Thursday, November 12, 2015

Date Nights

A couple of months ago Josh and I went on a date.

We prepped for it by allowing each other to take a 20 minute nap while the other watched the girls.

I took a picture of Josh napping because I thought he looked so entirely exhausted but also so very comfortable. Our bodies have known a hunger for sleep this year that felt more like starvation so it doesn't take much for either of us to enter deep sleep.

Anyway, we got to dinner and we were both so exhausted we could hardly carry on conversation. He let out a big yawn as I ordered which made me blabber something to the waitress along the lines of, "Wow I must look like a boring date but I'M TOTALLY NOT I JUST HAVE AN ALMOST 3 YEAR OLD AND 1 YEAR OLD TWINS and he works LIKE A LOT so you try to be an interesting hot date when that is your life ok?!"

and she was standing there innocent as a dove waiting for me to order my drink and trying to empathize because she has an 8 year old or something and I mean... man. Twin moms can be the worst because we like to throw it in everyone's faces that we've got two babies rather than just one.

So I ordered a strawberry margarita and it made me tired, not interesting. and we went home and went straight to bed. and that date was as forgettable as the 3rd diaper I changed that day.

Except for this picture. 

Because I think that was the best part: That we knew each other enough to extend a small kindness to one another in an effort to have a great night and connect. and I'm pretty sure the sweetest thing that has come from life with twins (+ 1) is that Josh and I seem to take better care of each other than we used to in the form of small acts of great love. That uneventful dinner at Red Lobster certainly wasn't as memorable as that picnic we shared years ago on a clear summer night sitting on the the top of an off-duty train and it wasn't as mysterious as exploring the abandoned house on a nearby country road. It wasn't Paris or Baku or New Years Eve in New York City or anything. But it was us and it was love and it was who we are now, and it was enough. 

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  1. So good. So so good. I just love reading all the peeks into your pocket life. I resonate, I learn, I enjoy. thank you.