Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Today, NASA released the closest photos of Pluto's surface that anyone has ever seen. 

I was scrolling through twitter, saw that it was a "trending topic", clicked on it, and within moments, I was casually scrolling through close up images of a craters, mountains, and ice on a small planet 3 billion miles away.

Just a moment prior, I was scrolling through Pinterest. 

and I'm sure that somewhere, there are scientists who drew up the plans, spent years designing, and finally launched NASA's New Horizon Spacecraft, (the miracle of modern science that captured these images and sent them back in just 5 short months) and I bet they marvel at these images through tear-filled eyes. Awestruck.

and I don't know why but I just feel sort of unworthy of seeing pictures of Pluto's surface. How can I possibly grasp the immensity of this moment? I did not earn that right or that privilege nor did I even pause for a moment prior to looking at them to reflect on the shear power of modern science, of space exploration, and of years of hard work, planning, and lost art of simply waiting.
So I'm pausing now. I want to see with eyes that understand the full story. I want to see pictures of Pluto's al-idrisi mountains, and remember the men and women who paved the way over centuries of observations of the universe to make a moment like that happen. I want to see the full story behind people and things and the world.

I want to see and I want to notice and I want to be awestruck

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  1. You are one of my favorite writers. You also are one of the most encouraging and faithful readers. Please know I visit even if I don't always get the time to comment. Much honor and respect to you dear one.