Wednesday, February 10, 2016


"The big duck is you, mom. And the babies are me, Ruby, and Nora! See??'

Piper Grace. Christmas morning. Explaining her heart behind the very first gift she has ever given me.  Her daddy explained to me the care and consideration that she took, traveling up and down aisle after aisle, trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for me. He tells me how, as soon as she saw this miniature swan, the search was over. He tells me about the tear it brought to his eye, and the pride he felt that his 3 year old daughter would make such a touching and thoughtful choice. 

Now this humble little plastic swan is one of my most prized possessions. My first gift from Piper. One of the sweetest, most encouraging gifts I've ever been given. and I can't help but look at this little girl (the one I describe to others as "pure delight") and wonder about all of the goodness she is going to bring to this world..

...and all of the goodness she has already brought to mine. 

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