Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The last snow day and the first snow man.

After such a mild winter, it was February and Piper still hadn't had a chance to build a proper snow man! She looked outside early the morning after a significant amount of snow had fallen and asked, "Is this good snow to build a snowman, mom? Is it?".

It was!

Ruby and Nora watched from the Hello/Goodbye window in our kitchen. (reluctantly, they wanted to play too! ) 

I suppose he was more of a snow mound, but she was thrilled and so was Josh :)

The twins and I passed the time with a little dance party in the kitchen, as is our custom.

Also, because maybe someday Ruby will see this and she'll say, "MOM what was I wearing?!", I have to say that Josh dressed her that day. He came downstairs and said, "Well, today Ruby is D.B.D. Dressed By Dad." Thus coining a new term that is not synonymous with style, matching, or seasonally appropriate attire, ha!

Piper enjoyed a hot cup of Grammy Verlee's special hot chocolate to help her warm up...

and we spent the rest of the day talking about how amazing building a snowman with her dad really was! 

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