Sunday, May 29, 2016


Last week, we took our first ever family vacation to Florida! Josh's parents came and my family flew down at random times throughout the week so that we were all together at the same time for a few glorious days! Here's a look at a few of the memories we made!

On our first day there, we left the girls with Josh's parents and went straight to Universal Studios to enjoy Harry Potter World again. A hearty dose of fun is so good for our marriage and we really had a blast getting lost in the wizarding world again. I don't expect we'll be back there again until it's time to take the girls to see it after they've read the books. Such a strange and exciting thought!

The next day, Pappy and Grammy decided to take Piper on a special date to the Animal Kingdom. They had a blast and got completely soaked in a downpour as they were leaving :)

Of everything we did, the biggest hit with the girls was, of course, the pool at the condo where we stayed.

and, of course, we spent one very, VERY hot day at Disney. We only lasted until 5:00. It was 93 degrees outside and the girls really hate the heat (does anyone like 93 though?), so we called it a day early. I went into the day determined to do what was best for everyone and not force us all to stay until the park closed. The girls are all quite young as well, so I think I had realistically low expectations for how the day was going to go and they were basically met, ha! Anyway, we did a few fun things and went got our Disney fix for at least a few years ;-) 

Disney real talk right here haha :-D

This next picture is hilarious because it shows Lindsay chasing Nora. It is one of a series of pictures where she basically crosses the entire frame chasing Nora. Nora helps me understand the leash backpacks some parents use. The girl can RUN.

On Friday afternoon we decided to give an "Escape Room" a shot. We did a 10 person game with a White House theme and we got out with 6 minutes to spare! 

On another note, my mom rented a 15 passenger van for the trip and we all thought she was going a little overboard for doing it but gosh did it turn out to be the best idea! We had so much fun cruising around in it and we just laughed and laughed and laughed. The night we took this picture we went out to a late dinner at Bahama Breeze while the girls slept at home with Grammy and Pappy. (Josh's parents)

Most importantly, we were together. That's what really matters the most in a vacation, isn't it? We didn't rush around trying to do too much, we focused on each other and had such a great time! I cried when everyone left. It's hard when highly anticipated events come to an end. But I feel so grateful that we were able to make this trip happen!

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  1. this looks wonderful! what an amazing experience! We have only just begun the talk about Disney and making that happen! Your trip makes it look appealing and doable!! I am so happy your family got this fun time!!