Thursday, May 26, 2016

Letters to my daughters: Today was a great day.

I've decided to start writing little letters to my daughters. I have so many things that I'd like to tell them right now that I know I'll forget. and this could be a "wedding dress" thing that they won't even be remotely interested in but I'm going to do it anyway. Just incase. So here is my first! 

To my little ladies,

Today we had such an awesome day. Most days are good, some days are bad, and some days are amazing. Today was one such day. and since I would absolutely love to read about what a day was like when I was young from my mom's perspective, I've decided to give you that little gift right here.

This morning we spent the first 30 minutes on the front porch snuggling, playing, and talking about the day ahead. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to sit and hold each of you every morning... giving out kisses and squeezes and affirmations and back tickles generously. I've seen a noticeable difference in each of you since I've made this effort and I love starting the day this way. After getting ready, we decided to go for a walk and - what luck! - the middle school marching band was practicing for the Memorial Day parade! We chatted with a neighbor and waited for the marching band to go by. They were making loops so we found a side street and just walked back and forth between the main stretches of road they were practicing on and it was seriously so much fun! You girls would sway back and forth to the music and wave to the students. (By the way, you wave to everyone while we are walking in the triple stroller and I can't even tell you how fun it is to see all of the smiles you bring to so many people. It makes my heart swell with pride that I get to be your mom!)  Anyway at one point the band was walking by the elementary school and a class full of preschoolers was out and they started dancing and ran after the "parade" and we ran after them and it was this random crazy moment of a mini parade and it was so silly and joyful I could hardly contain myself. We went home shortly after that, admiring the birds and animals that we saw, had lunch, and you all had a lovely

Our afternoon was slow.. Piper and I made cookies together, but I made an important discovery that is worth mentioning. I was sitting on the floor and suddenly an idea came to me! I closed my eyes and stretched out my arms as wide as I could and I asked, "Does anyone want to surprise me with a hug?" and ALL of you came running to me. Repeatedly. It was such a fun game. Each of you decided to give it a try and we ambushed each other the rest of the night. I think I'm really on to something here ;-)

This evening daddy had to work a bit late, so I made dinner while you watched a show and we had a really good meal together! and by good I mean no one threw their food on the floor and everyone ate everything. It was peaceful and not messy and that was a real win for me. I left the small mess I did make in the kitchen and the living room and opted for play time outside. I bought a large pink ball to play with and we ran all over the yard chasing it and laughing. We enjoyed watching a couple of cardinals flying around and discovered their nest in a tree next to our garage. Our friends came over (the Bieri's) and we walked to get ice cream. It was the first time Nora and Ruby had eaten ice cream from a cone and I was really impressed with how well you both did! 

Bedtime was pretty easy from all of the fun we had today. Ruby and Nora both went to sleep immediately (thank you for being such amazing sleepers!) and I decided to cuddle with Piper until she fell asleep. We prayed, sang "Hush Little Rooster" and "Jesus Loves Me", I drew/tickled a picture of you holding an ice cream cone on your back, and waited until your breathing was steady before I left the room.

It wasn't a perfect day today. I got a bit frustrated this morning with getting everyone ready. It is just such a process to leave the house. I told daddy today that the key to success with parenting 3 children so young is to be able to put up with a thousand small annoyances every day with patience and grace. Not that you girls are annoyances, not at all, but the delays and corrections and unexpected messes or squabbles or inability to pee when I feel like it... those are the "annoyances". A thousand small chances for me to grow but I don't always see them that way.  I'm trying to. I'm getting better at it. You girls are teaching me so much and I am really truly grateful for the ways you've forced me to grow and become better. 

Love you all so much!


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  1. tears. they will cherish these letters for sure. what a gift.