Sunday, October 23, 2016

Warm October Winds.

I hope the deer heard our laughter.
I'd like to think that is maybe why
they were looking our way and that perhaps the 
loud snort we heard 
was them laughing with us, too.

I hope the little mouse
is in a better place.
and that I didn't wake any sleeping neighbors
with my loud but
surprisingly controlled shrieks.

I hope we always eat the brownies.
even if our middles are softer than we'd like them to be,
and we don't have newborns to place the blame on anymore.

I hope we always find
Warm October Winds
and that they might be something that
bring us together each year.

and I hope that we stay the kind of friends
who always say yes to each other
when invitations to jump
are extended.

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