Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Tale of Two Sleeps

 My new favorite app is a sleep app that shows how well you sleep through the night based on your breathing and noises that you make while sleeping. The picture on the left is a screen shot of the night of sleep Joshua had last night. The picture on the right is a screen shot of the night of sleep I had. You can see that the lower the wave-lengths are on the graph, the deeper the sleep the individual is enjoying.  

Josh woke up this morning feeling quite rested and asked how my night was and if the girls ever came to our bed. I couldn't help but laugh. You see that spike for me there at 2am? That is when Nora came to our bed. Based on the graph (and how miserable I felt at the time) she clearly woke me up out of a deep sleep. It only took me a second to feel that her clothes were soaked from a diaper that was way too full, and I knew I couldn't mindlessly pull her into our bed and get back to sleep. So I got up. Changed her diaper in our room. Brought her back to her bed. Felt that her sheet was soaked, too. Went down the hall and found a new sheet. Changed it silently so that we didn't wake Ruby up. Tucked her back in to bed. Sometime later (probably around 5 I'd say?) Ruby meandered into our room. I pulled her into bed with us. and around 6:30, Nora came back too. I woke up with the very sweet sensation of Nora asleep on my left shoulder, and Ruby asleep cuddled up close on my right side. 

It was all quite fine actually and I didn't even feel tired from it, honestly. My Mom Powers (as I love to say) have grown so much that a night like that is pretty irrelevant to how I'll feel the next day, but it was just too funny to me. 

I love my man and his helpfulness with the girls knows no bounds. (Until he is in a deep slumber, and even then he will sweetly attempt. If he hears them. Or if I ask.) 

But did the girls stay in bed all night. 

Ha ;-) 

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