Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 10.

We went a little (strategically) overboard for Christmas this year and bought the girls a bouncy house for our basement.  Nora and Piper were thrilled but Ruby refused to try it. For days and days she sat there quietly reading books with me while her sisters gleefully jumped.  She was content to watch; very firmly opposed to jumping.  

On Day 4 she gently tapped it with just the tips of her toes. 
On Day 5 I wrapped her in a blanket and, like a crab, I slowly crawled inside of it with her on my lap. She smiled but wouldn't touch it herself.
On Day 7 she started sitting on the slide part and bouncing on it a little.
By Days 8 and 9 she happily bounced on only the slide portion but absolutely would not go inside.
On Day 10 she got a little too close to the top of the slide and her sisters grabbed her arms and yanked her in. Angry tears streamed down her face, but that was all she needed. A few minutes later she climbed in on her own and jumped joyfully and without reserve. It was as if there had never been an issue.

and I took this picture of her big moment.

I'm not quite sure what it was that kept her out of the bounce house. But witnessing her overcome that small fear and seeing her as she jumped with abandon filled me with so. much. joy.

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