Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thoughts on Motherhood: "This is the Job."

A few months ago I found myself thoroughly enjoying a Netflix show that dramatized the life of Queen Elizabeth II called The Crown. One scene in particular stuck out to me rather profoundly. It was of a conversation between Elizabeth's father, King George, and her soon-to-be husband, Phillip. Her father says to Philip:

"You understand the titles, the dukedom... they are not the job. She is the job. She is the essence of your duty. Loving her, protecting her... of course you'll miss your career. But doing this for her? At least for me, would be no greater act of patriotism or love.

Phillip: "I understand, sir."

King George: "Do you, boy? Do you really?"

And anyway for some reason that scene has really encouraged me as a mother. There are some days when the smallness and the repetition and the faithfulness of motherhood can seem overwhelming. Must I sit next to your bed to help you fall asleep? Must I wipe another bottom? Must I make another meal? Must I give another time out? Must I do all of this? Again?  

and then I remind myself, this is the job, Leslie. This is the job.

As I prepare another meal. This is the job.
As I kiss another owie. This is the job.
As I sit quietly in a dark room because someone is comforted by my presence as they fall asleep. This is the job.
As I kneel on the floor, holding and rocking a sobbing child, this is the job.

This is what they need and I actually quite love this job, incase that isn't evident. and I do believe that doing it and doing it well will be one of the greatest acts of love I will possibly ever display.

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