Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer so far, 2017

It feels like summer is already halfway over, so, here is a slew of pictures that will help me to remember all of the fun we have had so far! 

I took this picture from the window at the top of our stairs. I had just finished putting Ruby and Nora down for naps and peaked outside to see that Josh had stopped home for lunch and was reading a book with Piper by the pond :)

 We went to a lantern festival in Detroit! 

Piper started spontaneously singing, "and at last I see the liiiiiiiight." while they were being launched. It was, just, the most precious thing I've ever heard.

We went to several open houses.

We watched a parade with friends.
 and Josh took the girls to get their nails done after :)

We've enjoyed concerts by the riverwalk

and ride bikes every day :)

and Nora FINALLY got a balance bike of her own. She loves it. and I just love this picture of her and had to include it!

Grandma Deb bought a new pontoon and everyone gets a turn driving!

We bought a membership to the zoo! The girls were very, very focused about these birds. and a little terrified. But mostly just focused.

We went to the public museum for a playdate with friends and rode the carousel.

and I'm finishing my third year of being a twin mom! 

We went camping with Grammy and Pappy in Ohio and had a dance party to Nancy Mulligan.

and saw the brightest, most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen.

We have spent a lot of time at Grandma Deb's cottage. Finding shells and taking pictures of them to send to Daddy :)

Being silly...

...sailing (!!)

and catching fish! I love this picture of Ruby and Nora. This is the exact moment they realized the minnows Piper had caught were dead by their hand lol

We have been having fun actually nurturing the plants that surround our house. Including my little flower garden! 

We've started a tradition of going to a coffee shop in the town where my mom's cottage is on Saturday mornings after we camp.

and we have witnessed the birth of 6 birds. Here the girls are watching the mama bird as she nests.

Most days include at least one park.

I have been focusing more on playing with the girls and entering their world. For some reason this takes real discipline from me, and I'm working on it. So I'm putting on my Aurora dress more often and bought a $1 clown nose from the pharmacy and pretended to be a clown for an afternoon drive. Then it was destroyed by little hands. But, I digress.

And we watch tv, ha. We need a break sometimes! and for me, sometimes I feel like staying home is a discipline. I don't want to be a chauffeur or a cruise director for our family. Learning to stay and play here is really valuable to me. and also this picture, Nora asked me for a tutorial on how to cross her arms and this was the result ;-)

We pretended to ride Papa Ed's new Harley motorcycle..

and make weekly trips to get ice cream! 

and one of our most cherished things we do is have tea with our dear friend Betty. She spoils us with pudding, chocolate milk, m&ms, baked goods, and excellent conversation.

Whew! This was fun to do. It's great to see all that we've done in the last couple of months!

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