Friday, August 25, 2017

Call Me Crazy.

I was, in fact, the only person in the college bookstore with three children in tow.

Also the only person who found her textbooks, but had to set them back down the moment I found them in order bring a little lady to the potty.

I was also the only person who returned from wiping bottoms, re-found my textbooks, then realized left my wallet in the bathroom. 

Back to the potty down the hall!

And the red arrows on the carpet directed most students to the cashier but they were a fun enough game to get my girls to the check out without any issues.

and I am sure I am taking on too much this Fall. Very confident of it, in fact. But I can't think of anything to let go, and I suppose rather than sit out from things that are equally important to me, I am ready to be a bit more organized, a bit more scheduled, and get it all done. 

Wish me luck!

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