Monday, November 13, 2017

A Murder Mystery

On Friday our friends hosted a 1920s themed Murder Mystery dinner. My parents ended up offering to let us use their home because it matched the time period, and it was honestly just smashing! You can't see it in the pictures, but the whole place had a jazz club/prohibition era vibe with red lights and jazz music and gosh, it was so fun!

Josh and I were Felix & Edith Fontano. Club owners. 

Our friend Kyle who is a professional photographer took all of these amazing black and white images. They are so fun and really captured the night well!

This is Amy. She planned the whole night and made it truly special and fun for everyone. She has a gift for that and I am so grateful for her!

It was really interesting getting ready and leaving for this event. We were both so dressed up and when I walked out in my dress, the girls almost audibly gasped. They were thrilled. I wondered what it would feel like to watch your mom and dad leave for something like that? Like as a little girl, to see  we are having fun together and dressing up together and anyway. I don't know. Maybe they were just like, 'cool sequins mom' and it didn't mean anything at all. But it meant something to me that they got to watch us leave hand in hand. 

The idea that "this is exactly what I hoped my adult friendships would look like" was something that kept coming to mind that night as well. I don't really have or remember seeing many examples of adult friendships in my life, beyond siblings and natural family relationships. but here I have this wonderful group of people who can be silly together, and still really truly be there for one another. Obviously there are varying degrees of closeness because intimate friendships can't really be spread very thin, it defeats the very idea of intimacy, right? But here we are having fun. Sharing life. These are the people who would bring me meals in a crisis - no, people who have brought me meals. Who have watched my children. Who have asked me about my marriage, my heart, my dreams. It feels really wonderful, you know? To have good friends. I'm hanging onto it and treasuring it and taking a moment to say, this thing we all have is very rare, and very fragile (because this is a lot of perfectly imperfect people, right?) and honestly just very, very good.

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