Friday, November 17, 2017


We're up late. Packing for our next adventure. I didn't realize it until tonight but there is something that I love about the familiarity that we share when packing up to travel. Both of us wandering around the room, opening draws, thoughtfully considering exactly what we'll bring. Offering suggestions that have already been considered. Traveling is something we have always done, right from the beginning. It was sweet, tonight. Impressing each other with how efficient we are this time around.

Piper was packing alongside us, too. She filled her new backpack up as full as it could possibly go. After she fell asleep, I emptied it to see if I could fit something of hers inside, and it was such a delight to see what she had included:

Honestly the amount of items she fit into her small bag is quite impressive! But it is such a reflection off her. A couple of shirts she likes. Slippers from grandma deb. Birthday candles to celebrate her actual birthday on Monday. Her new toy. A picture of her family. Her little Bible. Pens for art. and Nora's sparkly dress. She actually scolded me for dumping Nora's dress out because "it was a surprise for Nora" that she packed it. This picture doesn't even include the small wall decor she wanted to bring. She loves decorating and making things beautiful. She loved packing up and preparing for a trip with her parents.

And it was just the sweetest thing and as I looked at it, I felt that it was almost like a little time capsule of my little Piper, and I had to share it :)

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