Monday, April 27, 2020

On being needed.

One way I've been trying to grow as a mom is to welcome opportunities when the girls need me. I think it's really easy to feel frustrated with all of the needs. (and they are all so much more independent now anyway!) But with everything going on with this quarantine, everyone's emotional needs have been greater. Last week, there were storms coming. We tried to get the girls to sleep before the thunder began, but we didn't make it. So, everyone climbed in our bed together, and I cuddled in as close as I could, touching everyone as best as I could. Maybe it doesn't 'read' clearly, but I try to remind myself that when they need me, they need me. It isn't always their choice to need me, but how I respond and meet those needs - with joy or with irritation - is always up to me. 

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